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why why love and other “ill” lead characters

Just finished watching the Taiwan drama “Why Why Love” starring Mike He, Rainie Wang and Kingone.  I patiently sat through all the episodes on various sites since no one site seemed to have a complete set. The series started on an upbeat mood, then towards the last three chapters, turned into a melodrama as the lead actor,  Huo Da, played by Mike He, faced his serious illness (he was diagnosed as having Wilson’s disease) immaturely.  He made life harder for his beloved girlfriend, Tong Jia Di (Rainie Wang) by bullying her more and becoming much meaner, thinking that this would make his girlfriend give up on him and thus lessening the pain of their parting ways when he dies.  The cruelest thing that he did (and the part that I hated most  and wish was deleted from the drama) is the part when  Hu Da invited everybody to his engagement party for his girlfriend and then while he was about to put the ring on his finger suddenly changes his mind, throws the ring into the pool and  and says that he loves his childhood friend, Yang Yan Shu and  kisses her in front of all the guests.  Although embarrassed and humiliated by the incident, Jia Di jumps into the pool to retrieve the ring, while Huo Yan (kingone) jumps also into the pool to restrain Jia Di.  I found this part and the actions of the characters so unrealistic and illogical.  Huo Da was ultradevilish and Jia Di so super martyr. 

But let me clarify that I have no expectations  whatsoever about  this drama being realistic; in fact I only chose T dramas that are of the romance comedy genre because I want to be entertained and to “hallucinate” so realistic T-dramas are not my type of genre.  So, you can imagine how glad I was when the ending was not “sad” unlike Silence so at least I was able to smile after watching the drama and was not left feeling heavy unlike “Love Contract” or “Silence.” 

BTW, my choice of dramas also depends on the lead actors–so I try to watch anything that stars Mike He, Rainie Wang, Ariel Lin, sometimes Joe Cheng (I couldn’t continue watching Summer x Summer even though Joe Cheng was in it because I cvouldn’t stand the lead actress), sometimes Vic Zhou (I couldn’t stand his autistic Wazu Lei character in Meteor Garden, which was also one drama that I couldn’t continue watching. His acting was terrible here.  I can’t help but compare him to Oguri Shun’s portrayal of Hanazawa Rui in the Japanese Hana Yori Dango, from which the Taiwan Meteor Garden was based on. Rui, although not really handsome, was gorgeous and lovable here). 

Going back to WWL, I think the direction was bad, overall.   The kissing scenes had a very unresponsive Jia Di  (how can a girl who is madly in love with her boyfriend not respond at all, considering this is also not her first kiss–the director should have guided her here).  Their kissing scenes in Devil Beside You were relatively better directed. And the crying scenes of Mike He in WWL,  too melodramatic. 

I also enjoyed the comments from the viewers.  One learning from them–in Taiwan, liver transplants are allowed only for relatives up to the third level of consanguinity unlike in other countries were non relative donors are accepted. Also, I learned that a liver transplant donor doesn’t have to donate his whole liver;  only a part since the liver regenerates.  I have not yet validated these statements though. 

Well, until the next drama….