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Dong yi (2010)–A beautiful historical romance

Promotional poster for Dong Yi; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dong_Yi_(TV_series) Promotional poster for Dong Yi; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dong_Yi_(TV_series)

After Jewel in the Palace sparked my interest in Korean dramas,  I was not disappointed in my next choice–Dong Yi, a Korean historical drama shown in 2010.  Dong-yi is about the love story between King Sukjong (Joseon dynasty) and Dong-yi (Choi Suk-bin) and tells it all in 60 episodes.

The drama  traces the life of Dong-yi,  an orphaned slave who found her way into the Royal palace Bureau of Music and because of her ability to solve court cases, becomes a  palace investigator.  She later became  a royal concubine with the  rank of Suk-bin, then bears a son who, under her tutelage, later becomes the 21st king of Joseon, Yoengjo, the father of Crown prince Sado and grandfather of Yi San.  Throughout her life, she has protected  the lowborn commoners.  Dong-yi met King Sukjong, who  introduced himself as a court judge and enjoyed his treatment as an ordinary person.

I enjoyed watching Dong-yi because its plot was made interesting through a combination of  romance, comedy, history, Korean culture and court life, suspense, intrigue, magic and even sword fights.  In this sense, it is similar to Jewel in the Palace.

Han Hyo-joo won a major best actress award as the optimistic and determined Dong-yi.  I loved the way Jin Ji hee  portrayed the character of King Sukjong–especially when Dong-yi treated him as an ordinary person and even stepped on his back to climb a wall during one of her investigations.  I think Jin Ji hee looks better with a beard and in period costumes.  I saw him in Perhaps Love but I think he looks more handsome in Jewel and in Dong Yi.

The theme song  is also very memorable -“Walking on a Dreamy Road” by Jang Na-ra.  It has a simple yet sad melody.

After Dong-yi, I have not yet found another interesting historical drama that I would like to watch.  A candidate is Jumong, said to be the most popular of all.  But when i watched the trailer, I sensed a heavy kind of drama.  Any recommendations?


My Girl–My First Korean and Asian Drama

February 2007 marked my first year of watching Asian dramas.  The very first one was “My Girl” (SBS 2005), a Korean drama, comedy romance.  I received a DVD copy as a going away gift from my officemate, Mitch. Fortunately, the DVD copy she gave me had good subs and quality picture so I had the incentive to watch.  From the first episode, after seeing Lee Dong-Wook as Gong Chan, the grandson heir to a hotel chain) , I was hooked.  I found him really attractive and quite handsome, compared to other Korean actors.  I couldn’t stop watching the video.  I thought Lee Da Hae (as Joo Yoo Rin, the interpreter/tourist guide whom Gong Chan asked to pose as his long missing cousin for the benefit of his ailing grandfather) was reallly pretty,  I found the clothes she wore here cute,  I also found the fashion style of the lead guys here, one of them Lee Dong Wook to be really “interesting”. (You know, hot pink tie, waist suit, etc). The OST was also superb.  To top it all, there were so many internet sites dedicated to it that I was able to download for the first time the whole OST, including the lyrics, plus the scripts.  I had watched the drama twice; but I try to avoid the scene with the con-dad of Yoo Rin.  I also found out that Lee Dong Wook had visited Manila and guested in the noontime variety show Wowowee in February 2007, but I didn’t know it because I don’t really watch local free TV  (Was his coming ever covered in the news?)  I also learned thru internet sites that among Lee Dong Wook’s dream is to go on a honeymoon to Boracay Island (but he added that this won’t happen until ten years later).   

After My Girl, I watched Full House (which I didn’t quite like because of verbal abuse of lead star Rain to his beautiful Korean  co-star).   My third DVD was Goong or Princess Hours, which was really good except for the bad subs of the DVD , which was also a gift from Mitch.  I can’t remember if my next K drama was Kim Sam Soon.  This is also one of my all time favorites, and although the lead star Hyun Bin isn’t handsome, he was so good here that I found him really “hot”.  I also watched Winter Sonata (2002) starring Bae Hyoon Jun, even though it wasn’t a comedy, when I found out this was THE K drama that started the interest in K dramas worldwide, even in Japan.