my love affair with Takuya Kimura

I have decided to dedicate a new page only for Takuya Kimura, my latest Asian star drama idol. He first caught my attention when I watched the J-drama PRIDE (2004) in July 2008.  I knew then he is a superstar not only in Japan but also in Taiwan and Korea, although I don’t know why he didn’t appeal to me the first time I previewed his dramas way back (that is, last year when I started getting hooked on Asian dramas).    The feel-good drama PRIDE I think was just the right drama series to jumpstart my love affair with Kimutaku  (his nickname after he became a confirmed “idol” way back in 1997 although I have read in some fansites that Takuya doesn’t like this nickname”).  It starred a still boyish looking  Kimutaku (who btw was already 32 yrs old) opposite the pretty Yuko Takeuchi, had an excellent OST, enhanced by the famous “I was Born To Love You” theme song by Queen (I honestly didn’t like this song when it was a hit in the 80s, but this drama made me love it).   Then the next drama I saw was LONG VACATION (1996) since I read that this drama launched his “Idol” status as Kimutaku and brought him an acting award and high ratings.  Again, the drama got me hooked for a whole day since I couldn’t take my eyes off this drama. This was Kimutaku eight years younger than the one in PRIDE but he was cute in an awkward boyish way and he had very good chemistry with the older and vivacious Tomoko Yamada.  Then next was A MILLION STARS FALLING FROM THE SKY (2002), which sealed and affirmed my obsession with Kimutaku.  His role as the cold but really lonely suspected lady killer was oh so good.  Until I “met” him, I had never met an Asian idol who is such a versatile actor, whose appeal is ageless, who looks hot with long, short or no hair, who can wear whatever he likes but still oozes with sex appeal.  His expressive eyes, his somewhat throaty deep speaking voice, his darker-than-usual-for-a Japanese skin color, his kissable lips, his two front teeth–OMG, he is the most gorgeous actor for me to date.  My respect for him as an actor was sealed when I saw the movie LOVE and HONOR (Bushi no Ichibun, 2006) where he played a blind samurai.  On top of his acting skills, he dances well and sings well.  Now the boy-band that I never liked called SMAP has become a favorite because of Kimutaku.  I discovered that they do have a couple of songs that I like.  Now, one of my wish is to watch a live concert of SMAP since I have enjoyed them on DVD.  Hope to spread the Kimutaku fever to others as well through this page.


2 thoughts on “my love affair with Takuya Kimura

  1. after watching the Japanese drama Pride I instantly became one of the fans of kimura takuya. The chemistry of Yuko and Kimura as excellent actors really showed in that drama. Hope to see kimura in good dramas soon.

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