Kimutaku, in love with an older woman

iT is now 1:37 AM of 22 August 2008.  I have just finished viewing my second Kimutaku (Kimura Takuya) Japanese drama-Long Vacation (1996). I watched straight for 11 hours with just an afternoon nap and dinner break in between.  Kimutaku  was just 24 years old then. I had seen the first episode before but didn’t continue because I found Kimutaku not that good-looking.  But after watching him in Pride (2004) and seeing how uber hot he was in that drama, I was “charmed” by Kimutaku and vowed to see all his movies and dramas. 

Long Vacation is about a  24-year old part time piano teacher Hidetoshi Sena (Kimura Takuya)  who dreams of becoming a world class pianist.   While his technique and style is world class, his playing lacks the depth of “feeling” or passion since he has “never played the piano for anyone.” But all these changed when he meets 30-year old Minami (Yamaguchi Tomoko), who came knocking on his door in a traditional Japanese wedding dress in search of her groom, Hasakura, who had not appeared at her wedding.  Hasakura is Sena’s roommate, who had fell in love with a younger girl and eloped.  Since Minami’s savings had gone to her fiance, she moves to Sena’s condo;  Sena hesitatingly agrees since he felt guilty for introducing the young girl to Hasakura.  Minami is a little pushover and Sena is annoyed at her meddlesome behavior, but eventually appreciates the encouragement she gives her. Eventually, the younger Sena falls in love with the older Minami and weds her in Boston after he wins a piano competition in Japan.

The OST is very good, I like best the songs “Deeper and Deeper” by Cagnet and the Toshinobu Kubota’s “La La La Love Song.”  BTW, a younger Yutaka Takenouchi also played a supporting role here as Shinji, Minami’s piano-playing younger brother.  Again, I think Kimutaku played his role well to a T and liked the chemistry between him and Yamaguchi. This was supposed to be the drama that launched Kimutaku’s “idol” label and one of the hottest stars in Japan.  This is a must see for Kimutaku fans as well.

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