Kimutaku, a serial killer?

The third Kimura Takuya drama series that I have viewed is “A Million Stars Falling from the Sky” (Sora kara furu ichi oku no hoshi) (Fuji TV, April 2002),  a mystery romance thriller.  Here, Kimutaku plays Ryo Katase,  a 30-year old apprentice chef in a French restaurant called REVE, a cold unfeeling guy who looks at life and love like a game, with his various women relationships as pawn that can be manipulated at his whim.  Until he falls in love with Yuko Dojima (Fukatsu Eri), a 30-year old writer for an electronics magazine, a frank and straighforward (“honest”).  She is the only one who really believes in Ryo and promises to be at his side no matter what the odds are,   Yuko happens to be the younger sister of Kanzo Dojima, Kan-chan for short, a 46 year old police detective, who has this bad vibes for Ryo and suspects him as the murderer of a rich university female student.  Kan-chan calls Ryo a “devil” with angelic eyes.  The drama progresses with all rich girlfriends of Ryo being killed and Kan-chan blamiing the deaths on Ryo whom he says  “manipulated” their deaths by using his lovers them to commit the murders.  But Kan-chan’s  worst fears happened when Yuko falls in love with Ryo; he vows to protect his sister against the “akuma” (devil).  Through the twists and turns of the story, we find out that  Kan-chan killed Ryo’s father in self defense 25 years ago as a rookie cop  in pursuit of a murderer and that Yuko is Ryo’s sister.  Finally, in the end, Yuko kills Ryo, after she hears Ryo saying that the only girl he fell in love with was Yuko while suspecting that Ryo deliberately got close to her so that he can avenge his father’s death. But when Yuko reads a letter by Ryo for Kan-chan thanking Kan-chan for taking care of his sister Yuko, she kills herself in remorse on a boat with the dead Ryo. 

I must say that Kimutaku gave a superb performance as the cold and unfeeling Ryo, with focus on his especially expressive eyes (Did he wear contact lenses for this role?).  This drama series also makes Kimutaku the “hottest: Asian drama star for me as he has continually shown that he is a good kisser (I find his lips and teeth attractive and love his voice).   He has retained his boyish charm despite his being in his 30s.  I didn’t quite like the chemisty though between Kimutaku and Fukatsu Eri here; also, I found Eri’s make-up too ghostly white.  On the other hand, I found Kou Shibasaki (as 19-year old Yuki Miyashita), oozing with sex appeal  (her eyes are really sexy).  It is also interesting to mention that the ending song “Smile” was sang by Elvis Costello.  This suspense drama is a must see for Kimura Takuya fans.

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