Sleeping Forest (1998)


This suspense thriller (Fuji, fall 1998) really kept me on my toes. I was a little disappointed when there was no romantic angle between Nakayama Miho and Kimura Takuya. This j drama is in the same genre as Takuya’s A Million Stars Falling from the Sky, one of my best Takuya dramas ever. In Sleeping, Takuya was younger and his acting was not as good though as in Million Stars, but both dramas cast him as being cold and mean in the beginning of the dramas. But there was more blood in Sleeping and the plot more mysterious. It was a whodunnit type of mystery…The ending is also not quite sad and not quite happy either,,,I had the hunch about who the murderer is but the plot misleads one into believing another guy did it. Also, this hallucinations about Hamazaki Kiichiro (Nakamori Toru)’s mother establishes the fact that he had some insane moments.

I like the profession of Takuya here as a stage lighting expert–really cool. I am not that hot over Takuya anymore and I do agree with some observations that he isn;t really that handsome but he does have expressive eyes and sexy lips. He is not tall either…

Thsi story pomders on whether people can just forget the past and just live on the present and the future. Hypnotic regressions, child abuse, illegitimate children, etc. The musical score is also great and adds toi the suspense and the thrill mood.

Found out the OSY is by Yoshimata Ryo, the same guy who composed the OST of A Million Stars.