My Love from the Star (2013): A pretty boy alien falls in love with a Hallyu star

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An alien Do Min-joon (Kim Soo-hyun) arrives in Seoul in 1609 in the Joseon Dynasty and finds himself stranded for 400 years after saving a young noble girl. Just when he is about to return to his planet three months before, he falls in love with a famous Hallyu actress Cheon Song-yi (Jun Ji-hyun). Do Min-joon later finds out that Song-yi was the young girl he saved 12 years ago who looked like the young noble girl from the Joseon days. Song-yi meanwhile gets embroiled in a controversy that affects her career and causes her popularity to plummet. Having no one whom she can rely on, Song-yi turns to Min-joon to save her from various mishaps. The most serious is protecting Song-yi from the hands of a psycopath scion of a large conglomerate who has no qualms in murdering those who stand in the way of his ambition to succeed his father as the chairman of the conglomerate. Since Do Min-joon is an alien with superpowers, he can freeze time and has visions about the future not to mention that his senses are 7x stronger than humans. Later, Song-yi also falls in love with Min-joon. However, Min-joon cannot stay forever with his love on earth because this would cause him his life. How the two would face this dilemma would seal their fate.

The chemistry between the two lead stars is electrifying despite the age gap of 7 years (Kim Soo-hyun was 25 years old and Jun Ji-Hyun was 32 years old at that time). As they say in the Philippines, there were lots of “kilig” (titillating) moments between the two leads. Kim Soo Hyun’s portrayal of a pretty boy and “soft” masculine alien who is aloof and never grows a day old from his present age of mid-20s is convincingly portrayed by Kim. Kim has a certain boyish charm and sex appeal that oozes everytime he pouts and when he smiles. I noticed a trademark feature of Kim in his dramas like Moon Embracing the Sun (2012) where he has this grimaced look when he cries out loud when on the verge of losing a loved one. One can feel the pain that made him howl in sadness.

Jun Ji -Hyun on the other hand, effectively portrays a sultry primadonna and “shallow” and “dumb” actress Cheon Song-hi living in the “plastic” and artificial world of showbiz where one has to mask of their real selves in front of their fans. She has been criticized for having “botox on her brain” and lacks common sense and the ability to think. She is hurt by people who are nice to her in front but backstabs her, as if she is not used to showbiz life. She has a nasty temper but is actually a caring and a pitiful person who longs for the love of her estranged father and allows her mother to take advantage of her.

Her love for Do Min-joon is tested when she lets go off Do Min-joon when she finds out his life is in danger on earth. I think Jun Ji Hyun is one of the beautiful faces on Korean screen after Song Hye Kyong and Kim Tae Ha.

About the plot, it is one of the more consistent and focused plot that I have seen among similar genres. Although the episodes were extended to 21 from the usual 16, I didn’t see any dragging scenes nor did I feel bored and thought the scenes were forced there to make the fans happy. This drama series has romance, fantasy, sci-fi, suspense, intrigue, comedy, all woven perfectly in one drama series. It is not surprising that this drama was the most watched Korean drama in 2013.

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