Descendants of the Sun: The beginning of the on and off screen love story of the Song-Song couple

Just after the divorce of the Song-Song couple exploded in the news towards the end of June 2019, Netflix pushed Descendants of the Sun (2016) to my playlist. I read that the couple’s love story started on the set of Descendants and after two years in July 2019, Joongki announced a divorce due to incompatibility. Until the news, I was only familiar with one half of the love team– Song Hye-kyo whom I consider one of the most beautiful faces on Korean screen. The other half, Song Joong-ki, I have never bothered to even google, until of course I watched the first episode of Descendants. I would say Episode 1 which is about how the two lead stars first met was “cute” and light. Although I wouldn’t call Song Joong-ki handsome, he was very charming in an impish way in the drama series, aptly termed as “pilyo” in the Filipino language. Behind his very dangerous job as Captain of the South Korea Special Forces, he would always crack a joke to lighten the seriousness of situations he finds himself in. Just like with other Korean actors (e.g. Park Seong-jee, Lee Min-ho, Kim Soo-hyun), Song Joong-ki’s complexion is “girlishly” smooth and their handsomeness grows on you as you watch their character develop through the series.

Desendants is about an imaginary country called Uruk (which I read in reviews had references to Iraq) and was shot in Greece and in Korea.

Song Joong-ki as Capt Yoo Si-jin

Song Joong-ki plays Captain Yoo Si-jin of the Special Defense Force while Song Hye-kyo plays Dr Kang Mo-yeon. They met in the Seoul hospital where Dr Kang worked and started dating. However, since their dates are always interrupted by emergency missions for Capt. Yoo, their relationship does not progress. Then, they meet again in Uruk where Capt. Yoo was assigned for 8 months already while Dr Kang was sent by their hospital on a two-week medical mission. After an earthquake struck Uruk where both engaged in emergency relief and recovery missions, Dr Kang finally accepts the inevitability of her love for Capt Yoo despite the seeming contradiction of their respective professions and becomes officially a couple. In the beginning, Dr Kang saw herself as a doctor “saving lives” and Capt Yoo as a soldier “killing people.” The relationship was further complicated by the secret and dangerous missions of Capt Yoo that not even people close to the latter are allowed to know. But Dr Kang’s love for Capt Yoo wins and Dr Kang finally accepts and understands the dangerous life of her boyfriend and is consoled by the fact that Capt Yoo is serving his country and keeping peace in other countries–thus both of them are actually “saving lives”.

Song Hey-kyo as Dr Kang Mo-yeon

I finally finished watching the series today. I had thought that the resolution of the kidnapping of Dr Kang after solving the Ebola like epidemic in the camp and the packing up of the medical team would be the end of the drama, but the later episodes would show other exciting but suspenseful scenes like Capt Yoo on the verge of death when he was on a VIP mission after a North Korean military lieutenant was gunned down with him. Capt Yoo nearly nearly went into cardiac arrest but he was revived by Dr Kang. Meanwhile after solving this conspiracy of North Korean mercenary, Capt Yoo was sent on a mission where he went missing together with best friend Master Sgt Seo Dae-yong (Jin Goo) and declared dead by the Korean Armed Forces. Afted a year, they finally show up in Albania where Dr Kang was on a voluntary medical mission and Sgt Seo showed up in Uruk where his girlfriend army doctor First Lt. Yoon Myeung-joo (Kim Ji-won) was on assignment.

The two lead stars were amply supported by this second love couple, Maste Sgt Seo and First Lt Yoong. Both Jin Goo and Kim Ji won are great actors and likewise, chemistry between the two was also titillatng.

I enjoyed watching this drama so much it has been added to my list of all time. favorite K drama. And I do not doubt the reports that this drama revived a two year slump in interest in K drama because it contains all the elements of a wholesome drama- romance, suspense, humor and comedy, action, family values, honor and ethics, and life lessons.

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