Concerto_Kimutaku as a passionate architect



It took me some three months to finish Concerto (Or Kyousookyoku 1998, TBS).  In November, I eagerly started watching Concerto after seeing that Miyazawa Rie is the love interest of Kimura Takuya here.  Also, the actor who I used not to like before_Tamura Masakazu_ also stars.  Kimura Takuya is Takakura Kakeru, a self-learned architect in his 20s struggled for four years to get the break he needed–that is, to build St Mary Church in Kamakura.  His idol who became his mentor,  Ebisawa Kousuke (played by Tamura) hired him after recognizing his extraordinary talent.  Both Kakeru and Ebisawa are in love with Hana, played by Miyazawa.  The two are involved in a love triangle against the backdrop of Kimura’s struggle to reach the top of his profession and Tamura’s enlightenment after falling from the apex position of his profession.  Both guys learn from each other and alternatingly giving up their love for Miyazawa because of their respect for each other.  Although  the story is interesting,  it couldn’t compete with my busy sked during the Christmas season and some family emergencies that kept me away from watching any dramas.  I thought Kimura was hot here, and I began to like Tamura’s character here, especially his stuttering. I didn’t quite like Miyazawa’s acting here –I thought she was a bit overgrown for her cutesy acting.  Didn’t find any real romantic moments here–no kissing scenes at all!  BTW, I’d like to note that the OST is basically Burt Bacharach’s music from the 70s like the theme “Alfie”.  I also heard “Walk on By”, “A HOuse is not a Home”, “April Fools” “I Say A Little Prayer.”  Anyway, I am so glad I have finished waching the drama.

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