Nada Sou Sou_Tears for You

I just finisheded watching a J movie shown in 2006, Nada Sou Sou.  It is a real tearjerker with a sad ending–the 25 year old stepbrother (Youtaro) of Kaoru (20 yrs) dies after wearing out his body trying to make a better life for his stepsister.  The setting is in Okinawa, and the background of Okinawan folk music is really beautiful.  He stopped going to school at 16 years and worked for realizing his dream of owing a restaurant.  At 21 years, he was able tor ealize his dream and thus asked his young sister to join him in Okinawa after she passed a good senior high.  However,on the eve of the blessing of the restaurant, Yotaru found out that he was swindled and that the property was never really sold by the rightful owner.  At the same time, he also broke up with his rich girlfriend upon realizing that the big gap in their backgrounds was not going to work out, especially so when the father of the girl had plans for the girlfriend to take over his hospital later.

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