about silence, taiwan drama

Just finished watching “Silence” starring Vic Zhou and Park Eun-Hye.  This is my first time to watch a sad love story where I know the lead actor would die–as early as the fifth episode, the lead already knew he had a terminal illness  (In “Love Contract” it was implied that the lead stars committed suicide, but I didn’t know the ending till I got there.)  Why did I watch it? Because I found Vic Zhou “hot” and Park Eun-hye “beautiful.”  Problem is, there was not much “chemistry” between the two.  I got pretty bored as I found the scenes dragging and the comments from the crunchyroll watchers not so encouraging.  I found Park’s role as a mute but feisty Korean based in Taiwan as very “convenient”; she didn’t have to speak Chinese. Honestly, I only watch “dramas” of the romantic comedy genre, with the plot revolving around main characters in their very late teens or early 20s.  Watching these dramas are ‘stress busters’, so the more unrealistic, the better.  I had avoided watching these kinds of dramas in my youthful days, as I was into more serious stuff.  Now that I am near that point called “middle age”, I enjoy the less serious stuff.

7 thoughts on “about silence, taiwan drama

  1. She’ wasn’t a deaf mute, she was only mute.
    I really liked this drama actually. I thought they did have chemisty together.

  2. i only whacherd half the episode and i didnt understand a word but their acting was good enough for me to get the plot

  3. hello,
    this drama was wonderful.
    youre quite superficial, if you watch a drama only cause the protagonist is hot.
    this story touched me and i think only the best about park eun hye.
    all the best,

  4. dramanya keren abiz……….!!!!!ampe’ buat xu bisa nangis.end xu g pernah ketinggalan tiap episodenya.pokoke mak nyuzzz…….bgt.sukses slalu zzzzzzzz for U….good luck…….!

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